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What I Do ?

I am a freelance software designer, a web designer, a graphics artist, a subtitle maker for indian dramas, always eager to work for creative and like minded people. As per academics, i am an engineer ! Currently i am open for 4 days a week. Hire me if you have custom plans.

Pay Methods

You may buy this indian drama software or other plugins related to it like hardcode subtitle extractor with almost 100 languages and many more via these payment methods: Paypal, Visa card (credit / Debit), Master card (credit / Debit), American Express card(credit / Debit) and many more those are supported by paypal

Goodies on Buy ?

You may choose any method and plans to buy. But prefer to buy with one time payment as you will be activated for lifetime and recieve all updates of software for free. You will get exclusive access to all indian listed dramas with English subtitles and if you choose to get additional plugin, that would cost you way too less. Details of rates on last page.


you may enter your name, email and message and send it to me directly. But if you have already purchased the software, then you may contact me via whatsapp (Number mentioned in app). Follow me on twitter to activate software


Cherimoya Indian Drama Software helps you download indian dramas English subtitles. It has also OCR feature to extract Hardcoded subtitles from videos in about 100 languages.


This Cherimoya Indian Drama Software is fully protected under creative commons licence. All the member patreons (subscribers) of cherimoya 3d studio club are authorized for use of product. Cherimoya 3D Studio Club and all its license are protected under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License© 2017. OCR for hardcoded plugin, once purchased can be used for commercial purposes. All the English subtitles can be modified as per the client requirement without consent of author i.e developercherimoya3dstudio.club

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This work is protected under creative commons 4.0 CC BY-SA International License. But if any report made regarding copyright claims, that will be verified and removed from website. Please report abuse to developercherimoya3dstudio.club


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Sl.No Description Price
1. Monthly and Premium Subscription 29.96 $
2. Monthly Subscription and No Premium 23.97 $
3. Lifetime and Premium Subscription 57.95 $
4. Lifetime Subscription and No Premium 46.97 $
5. Lifetime, Premium and OCR Subscription 97.99 $

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